Booking details (evidence of payment, room number assigned, etc) should be forwarded to for compilation. Participant who wish to book before arrival should also inform their hotels of choice that they are PANCONF 2019 participants.
1 UI Hotel UI 07084000002 UI Ventures LTD Hotel. 1011701773. Zenith bank 1.3km (5 minutes drive; 13 minutes treck)
Double Deluxe – N12,000			
Royal Standard – N15,000
Royal Executive – N20,000
Special King Bed – N 22,000
Royal Suite – N 27,000
Executive Suite – N30,000
Complimentary breakfast is not available
2 Blissfulmate 17 Adeyi, Old Bodija 08089161696 Blissful mate partners Ltd. Stanbic IBTC. 0021095367 6.1km (13mins)
Double Room – 8,000
Twin Bed – 10,000
Complimentary breakfast is not available
3 Peak Court Hotel 3C Arigidi street ,off Osuntokun Avenue, Bodija 08038892234 Peak properties and investment limited . 0021376718 . Diamond bank 5.2km (13 mins drive)
Flat rate N10, 000
Complimentary breakfast is available
4 Danest Hotel 4 Beckley street off Adeyi , Old Bodija 07065099003 Danest Hotel and Suites, Nig Ltd. 0077042298 . Diamond bank 5.4km (12 mins drive)
Executive: N20,000,
Royal: N25,000
Complimentary breakfast is available
5 Davies Hotel 47/8 Adeyi Avenue, Old Bodija 08023387433 Davies hotel limited. 0030818401 . GT Bank 6.1km (13 mins)
Standard -N15,750
Executive double – N25,200,
Suite – N33,600,
Executive suite- N52,500
Complimentary breakfast is available
6 Glory View Hotel 09022935947 Glory view hotel. 1011738261. Zenith bank 3.8km (10 mins)
4 categories of rooms-
N15000, N10000, N8000,
Complimentary breakfast is available
7 Metro 75 Hotel 75 Ondo St. , Osuntokun, Old-Bodija 08056912277 Agboluaje Tolani Folarin (GTBank). 0051113705 6.1km (13 mins)
Single Bed: N6000, 
Double bed: N7000, 
Suite: N8500

No Complimentary breakfast
8 Diocesan Diamond House 12 Awosika Avenue, Old Bodija 08133393919 Odewenwa adesoji G.; First Bank PLC; 3063613952 6.5km (17 minutes)
Flat rate:  N7,500
No Complimentary breakfast
9 Classicus Inn Opp. International Conference Centre, UI 08176868356 Classicus Inn. 1014728021. Zenith Bank 0.65km( 2mins drive)
Flat rate:  N16,500
No Complimentary breakfast
10 Trinity Bible Guest House Light House, Samonda, Ibadan 08159094141 Bible guest house research and devt centre; Zenith Bank 1014784056 5.0km (12 mins drive)
Single Room: N6,800
Executive Room: N8,800
Double Room: N11,600
Suite : N18,300 

Complimentary breakfast is available
11 PI Hostel Opp. KFC/Zenith Bank, Bodija 07036495466 Pastoral Institute Hostel. 3051110106 5.7km (19 minutes)
Single Room: N4,200
Double Room: N5, 800

Complimentary breakfast available for double room
12 Engel Bert Beyer Hostel UCH 08066199175 Cash payment on arrival 8km (25 minutes)
Flat rate:  N6,500

No complimentary breakfast
13 77 Palm Hotel Beside Officer’s Mess, Ikolaba, Ibadan 08188422222 Palm 77 hotel Diamond Bank. 0065867551 7.9 km (25 minutes)
Flat rate:  N18,500

Complimentary breakfast is available
14 Ashley Apartment 11, Awolowo Rd., Bodija 09030658701 Luxury hospitality consultant Ltd. FCMB. 3682923013 5.5km (12 minutes)
Flat rate:  N6,000

No complimentary breakfast
15 Hammond’s Court Awolowo Rd., Bodija 08034314016 Hammonds court limited. Zenith Bank. 1013997084 5.5km(12 mins)
Flat rate:  N10,000

No complimentary breakfast
16 Nest SPA & Suites Plot 807, Oba Abimbola Way, Agodi GRA,Op. UCH East Gate 08164832429 Nest SPA and suites. Zenith Bank PLC. 1013995970 7.2km (16 mins)
Executive Standard- N13,000
Royal Studio – N 15,000
Royal Deluxe – N 15,000
Executive Deluxe – N25,000
Complimentary breakfast is available
17 Carlton Gate PQRT 853 Agodi GRA, Behind Senior Citizens Club, Secretariat Road 08120766000 Carton gate hotel 2. Keystone Bank. 1007046121 7.4km (17 mins)
Superior –N 24,800
Executive- N30,360 

Complimentary breakfast is available
18 SDM Tavern Opp UCH East Gate, Agodi 08088269438 Cash payment on arrival 7.4km (17 mins)
Executive Room- N15,000
Executive Suite – N20,000
Executive Apartment – N35,000
Complimentary breakfast is available
19 Wisdom Guest House UCH, Ibadan 08064646353 UCH staff (Ibadan) Wisdom Cics; First Bank PLC 3087903554 7.6km (20mins)
Standard double: 13,800
Executive double: 14,950
Executive suite: 19,895

Complimentary breakfast is available
20 KS Motels Total garden, Orita mefa 08068495564 Cash payment on arrival 7.2km (19 mins)
Standard double: 9,350;
Executive double: 11,050; 
Mini suite: 12,600; 
Royal suite: 13,500
No complimentary breakfast
21 Premier Hotel Mokola Hill, Ibadan 08078928334 Premier Hotel Iadan. Zenith Bank PLC. 1010919373 6.3km (13 mins)
Flat rate:20,000
Complimentary breakfast is available
22 UCH Cooperative Mercy Guest House UCH, Ibadan 09035908720 UCH staff Mercy Cics. Union Bank PLC. 0040071715 7.0km (18 mins)
Single: 10,000
Double: 12,000

Complimentary breakfast is available
23 His Grace Hotels Plot 1, Moremi st, Aare, Ibadan 08093367416 His grace hotels. Zenith Bank PLC. 1012899356 4.4km (12mins)
Single : 9000
Deluxe: 12000
Royal: 18000

Complimentary breakfast is available
24 Richie Revolution Suite 4A&B, Adenuga st,Kongi, New Bodija, Ibadan 08131561560 Cash payment on arrival 4.0km (12mins)
Double room:6500
Deluxe double: 7500
Executive: 9500
Luxury: 15000

No Complimentary breakfast
25 Adebayo Akande Hall UI 07062325753 Hermitage Capital Investment Limited. 1013269983. Zenith Bank 2.2km (5 minutes)
Classic – N6,000
Premium – N7,500
Deluxe Classic – N10,000
Deluxe – N13,000
Executive Deluxe – N15,000

No complimentary breakfast (Eatery is available )


Come and share your thoughts with industry experts at this special 50th edition of PANCONF meeting taking place at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. from 22nd - 25th January, 2019.